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What is Omega?

Omega Intelligence System 10 is a complete and comprehensive data analytics and business automation software that is equipped with sophisticated learning algorithms to help companies making better, evidence-based decisions and to swiftly automate them, saving time on boring and repetitive tasks while also eliminating human factor errors.

Artificial Intelligence techniques, known as Machine Learning allows the system to autonomously streamline it's outcomes over very short period of time and continuously develop sustainable competitive advantage factor.

It is designed with casual business users in mind but also offers more advanced features for professional analysts as well as programming interfaces that can be easily consumed by developers.

The 10th version of Omega Intelligence System is our peak achievement of software engineering and reflects the 18 years of R&D efforts and experiences in implementing dedicated solutions for various sectors of the economy. Thanks to those experiences, we find ourselves in a unique position to offer a mature, safe and well optimised product, which can easily solve the non-trivial problems of the digital age, providing speed, ease of use and ultimate quality.

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How it works

Omega Intelligence System 10 is built around the concept of workflows, which integrates data ingestion and business scenarios with defined rules or possible outcomes in a multi-stage and interdependent chained operations, which could then be used for business-critical automation in eg. automated trading, business management or machinery operation.

Starting with Master Data Management the system supports creating cleansed and organised data sources, which can be later used for Exploratory Analysis to gain situational awareness and to validate their business usefulness. The next steps are aimed at transforming raw data into more useful information by applying advanced techniques like Data Mining to find unobvious interconnections within the data or Predictive Modeling to produce generalised models of the data and predict possible future trends and outcomes.

In the 10th version we've implemented a plethora of sophisticated analytical techniques and vastly improved existing ones to perfect their accuracy and compute performanc and swiftly solve the most complex real world problems and drive unprecedented levels of innovation.

Finally, the system can combine it's analytical outcomes with business scenarios and business rules repository to help decision-makers draw correct conclusion and find optimal solution out of millions of possibilities.

All of the above can be then scripted and deployed for intelligent automation.


The uniqueness of the Omega Intelligence System 10 stems from a consistent and thought-out integration of a variety of analytical techniques and sophisticated computing technologies in a single product including the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence and Automation.


  • Simple and unified workflow that manages all analytical tasks and pipelines within the company.
  • Head start with Enterprise AI. Use optimised algorithms and pre-computed model base.
  • One feature-rich and well engineered system. No need to integrate various incompatible components.
  • Highly automated operations. No need for boring and repetitive labour. No human bias and human factor errors.
  • Highly adaptable and configurable with rich library of industrial solutions.
  • Enhanced security and auditing for the most demanding clients.

Who we are

Omega Intelligence Systems Ltd is a private, independent software vendor and research lab focused on business analytics, business automation, data science, applied artificial intelligence and knowledge management.

Our flagship product "Omega Intelligence System" has a proven track record in tailored, highly specialised industry solutions that are developed in close cooperation with our customers and adjusted exactly to their needs.

Having 18 years of experience with multiple clients across the globe and dedicated R&D team we are uniquely positioned among very few companies that can deliver superior software and business expertise in this field.