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The golden age

of Artificial Intelligence is coming!

We are building innovative decision support & business automation system that can learn on its own and streamline its actions thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms and our nearly 17 years of experience in the business intelligence software.

Omega Intelligence System 10

is set for release in:

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Omega Intelligence System 10 is a complete and comprehensive enterprise analytics software designed for casual business users, professional analysts and programmers to provide actionable insights and business automation that drives breakthrough results and sustainable competitive advantage.

In the upcoming 10th version our mature and battle-tested product is enhanced with exceptionally powerful learning algorithms and workflow automation to address the complex needs of ever-changing business landscape, especially the modern financial sector, trading, research & consulting firms, professional services as well as manufacturing industries and for any other use case where the accuracy, speed and effectiveness is crucial.

We have thoroughly researched and integrated all features in one place with absolute quality and consistency. From the creation of data infrastructure, through advanced information management and analytics, to the execution of business scenarios, reporting, diagnostics, ad-hoc querying, data mining and artificial intelligence techniques, which can then be used for inference, operational planning, process automation, further model improvement and building of knowledge base.

About Us


Omega Intelligence Systems Ltd is an independent software vendor and research lab focused on business analytics, business automation, data science, applied artificial intelligence and knowledge management.

Our flagship product "Omega Intelligence System" has a proven track record in tailored, highly specialised industry solutions that are developed in close cooperation with our customers and adjusted exactly to their needs.

Having nearly 17 years of experience with multiple clients across the globe and dedicated R&D team we are uniquely positioned among very few companies that can deliver superior software and business expertise in this field.